Unintended Pregnancy? We're Here to Help

"My Choice Pregnancy Services" at New Beginnings Center of Hope 

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Free caring, compassionate, non-judgemental consultation and pregnancy decision support is what you will receive at our Center. Our professional social work and peer consultants will walk with you through your pregnancy decision making process and provide invaluable support and resources to assist you with making a decision that you are comfortable with.

Medical Care

In the Summer of 2017 The "My Choice Pregnancy Services" Team of Practitioners and Nurses will begin providing, the following services at no cost to you:

Clinical Pregnancy Testing with Ultrasound Pregnancy "Viability" Confirmation, Gestational Age Determination, Onsite Prenatal/ Postnatal Care, Pre-termination Evaluation, Abortion Reversal Referral/service, Post Abortion Support and STI testing and treatment. 

Education and Support

At New Beginnings Center of Hope you will never feel alone.  Your C.A.R.E. consultant will provide educational opportunities that will help you and your partner (if applicable) make an informed pregnancy decision that is right for you.  In addition, they will assist you in accessing a variety of support services , for example, Material assistance, health insurance enrollment, Life Net referrals to vital community resources, that you may find helpful.  All services provided at our center are at no cost to you.  Please schedule an appointment today we look forward to serving you.